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To commemorate the passage of the Smith Hughes Act of 1917, I have decided to write a historical summary of events that have occurred in the South Dakota Agricultural Education program. Over the next 18 months to two years, I plan to submit a series of articles for the American News Farm Forum (The Green Sheet) as a means of sharing how the South Dakota program originated and developed over the past 100 years.

Clark W. Hanson
Professor Emeritus, Agricultural Education, SDSU

February 7, 2017

1. Early History
2. Land-grant Colleges Begin
3. Land-grant Colleges Established
4. Smith-Hughes Act
5. Early Years and Origin of FFA
6. FFA Expansion
7. The 1940s and World War II Impact
8. Student and Instructor Experience in the 1950s
9. Student and Instructor Experience in the 1960s
10. Curriculum In The 1970s
11. Agricultural Projects, Degrees and Proficiency Awards
12. Participation in FFA Contests & Career Development Events
13. Soils Contests & Farm and Agribusiness Management CDE
14. Supporting a Legacy of Leadership
15. 100 Years of SD Agriculture Classes!
16. Female Enrollment in AgEd and the FFA
17. The 2020 State FFA Virtual Convention and the Corona Virus Pandemic
18. Adult Farm Business Management Education Program
19. State Supervision and State FFA Advisor
20. Post Secondary Agriculture Education Programs
21. Agricultural Education Instructors
22. SD Agricultural Teacher Education
23. Current Status
24. What the Future Holds!


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