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SD FFA Foundation Email Newsletter ~ | ~ Volume 7, Issue 1 ~ | ~ July 2016

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The SD FFA Email Newsletter highlights special projects of the SD FFA and SD FFA Foundation.  Please forward this newsletter to others you know who are involved and interested in FFA and agriculture education. Thank you for your support of the FFA in South Dakota!

AmplifyDirector’s Message:

I am always excited to share with new South Dakota agriculture teachers about how the South Dakota FFA Foundation supports local FFA chapters in gaining stability and growing their programs. You can make a huge impact on your local FFA chapter in many ways that I don't often go into great detail about.

You can give to your local chapter and help members across the state!  If you feel passionate about FFA, there are various ways you can give back. While cash gifts are the easiest to understand - write out your check or make your donation online through PayPal - there are many other easy ways that anyone can donate. Planned gifts are another way to make a significant impact on South Dakota's agricultural youth. Designate the SD FFA Foundation in your will or donating a piece of personal property, such as land or a vehicle, are excellent ways to make an impact and have great tax benefits for you, the donor. Did you know you can even make a gift that pays you income through it's lifetime?

The options for giving to charities are endless and I'd love to visit with you more about the various ways and the impact your gift can have on FFA across South Dakota.
If you'd like to learn more, simply email and I'll gladly answer your questions.

Gerri Ann Eide, Executive Director, SD FFA Foundation, Inc.

Thanks for helping "amplify" our passion!

Thank you for your time, talents and treasures dedicated to growing FFA members! You never know when your small contribution will make a world of difference. Andrew

Andrew Streff, McCook Central, Star in Ag Placement & Ag Business and State FFA Treasurer says, “FFA has completely changed the experiences I would have had.  High school would have been totally different without it.  Because of our sponsors I’ve been able to experience countless opportunities.  Thank you.”  EVERY donation is valued by the SD FFA Foundation and the members it impacts. Don’t wait until you can give more, act now to make a difference.


Reconnecting with past members …

The SD FFA Foundation wants to reconnect with past members who believe in the future of agriculture... we know there are LOTS out there.  It's more than just looking for financial supporters - it's finding people who will openly share with others what FFA has done for them.  We need to share the message that we believe in the future of agriculture, just like the creed says.  Please share names, addresses and/or email addresses of past members with:  We want to invite them to get active again as alumni by judging, coaching, mentoring, or financing local and state FFA activities.

Upcoming events:

  • July 25 – 29 - State President's Conference, Washington D.C. (state FFA president and vice president)
  • July 31 - FFA Foundation Board meeting, Sioux Falls
  • July 31 - August 3 - SD Ag Teachers Conference, Sioux Falls
  • Aug 17 - FFA State Fair Entries due
  • Aug 16-18 - FFA booth with SD Soybean Research & Promotion; Dakotafest, Mitchell
  • August 28 - 4:00 – 5:00 pm – FFA State Fair Ag Mechanics building will be open to bring entries in.
  • September 1-5: SD State Fair, Huron - FFA/Ag Exhibit building and Ag Learning Center/Animal Nursery open to the public 9a.m. - 8p.m.

FFA livestock shows at the State Fair:

Friday, Sept. 2
6:00pm – Market and Breeding Meat Goat show –4-H north show ring; Dairy Goat show  4-H south show ring
Saturday, Sept. 3
1:00 pm - Beef Show, OC Beef Barn
6:00 pm – Rabbit Show – Rabbit barn
Sunday, Sept. 4
9:30 am - Dairy Show, OC Dairy Barn
6:00 pm - Sheep Show, 4H Livestock Show Ring
Monday, Sept. 5
7:30 am - Swine Show, OC Swine Barn
4:00 pm - Round Robin, OC Beef Barn

SD State Fair

3 circle modelSupervised Agricultural Experience Visits Go On Throughout the Summer

Did you know?  Collectively, FFA members across the nation earn more than $4 billion annually through their SAE projects.The three-circle model of Ag Education is an integrated approach in instruction, FFA and Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE). And while most instruction and FFA events happen in the school year, many teachers end up spending their summer visiting students and their families about the importance of their SAE and value of FFA.

This visit is a great one-on-one instructional opportunity. Teachers visit the site of the SAE, whether it's the family farm, a local greenhouse, an auto shop or a grocery store, and observe and educate students in the field. Often times, the focus is on educating students on the career pathways in agriculture, food and natural resources. While these visits can happen year-round, many teachers take their summer months to make deeper connections with students and make sure they continue learning outside the classroom.

Members Challenged to Step Up to the Plate

FFA members from across the state set goals to “Step Up to the Plate” and lead as they learned how to identify their own strengths, personal worth, how to develop their leadership skills and how they could help advocate for the future of agriculture, one story at a time at this summer's two Leadership Retreats. Thanks to the Leadership Retreat sponsors for making it possible: SD Department of Ag, Twin Cities Region Northland Ford Dealers, Monsanto, Custer Mile High Garden Club, Curry Seed, AGNITION, Schuneman Equipment, and James River Equipment. While student members were busy learning, ag teachers also attended an in-service.

TAGConsider teaching Ag?

This year we’ve had lots Ag teachers retire, move or change schools this year.  We also have 2 new schools adding agriculture education classes for the 1st time – Aberdeen Roncalli and Northwestern.  Thankfully most of the positions have been filled for the 2016-17 school year.  Hot Springs and Stanley County are still looking for passionate individuals with an Ag Education background as teachers. If you know someone who’d be good, with an agriculture education degree, or an ag degree and past FFA experience, please send them to these schools. We don’t want to lose our valuable Ag Education programs!

owlAg Teachers Matter!

If I were to ask you about your experience in Ag Ed or FFA, would you reminisce on your agriculture teacher first? Many times I find that a student has been impacted so much that the agriculture teacher is one of the first things to pop in their mind. 
Ag teachers wear a lot of hats, including teaching everything from animal science to welding, and being a mentor, coach, advisor and learner. They're working hard to not only prepare students for state convention competitions, but mainly to prepare students for careers in the agriculture industry and to be future leaders in their communities.

Today, if you are a former FFA member, I'd like you to take a second to remember. I'd also encourage you to reach out to show your support for your local ag teacher. Thank them for being an expert in all agriculture, food and natural resources career courses, for putting in countless hours away from their families before and after school and for the continuing education they participate in to grow their knowledge of the industry. Tell a teacher thanks for all they do and let us share the story!

Rangeland DaysSD FFA Rangeland Days &
Soils Day

Congratulations to the SD FFA members who won at Rangeland Days and Soils Days June 22nd! In range: 1st - Lemmon. In Soils: 1st – Kadoka. Thank you to David Ollila, Jeff VanderWilt, Lance Howe, the SD Grasslands Coalition, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and everyone else who helped for putting on a GREAT event for students and teachers to learn!

Featured Fundraisers:band and chorus

National Band, Chorus and Talent
Were you once in the National FFA band, chorus or talent?  Know someone who was?  Did you watch them and marvel at their talent?  SD FFA members just applied, with applications due July 8th.  The SD FFA Foundation wants to offset the cost of SD FFA members participating in National FFA Band, Chorus and Talent programs. Approximately 80 students nationwide are selected for each band and chorus, and less than 50 for the national FFA talent program.  The hand full of SD students selected each year to participate truly stand out with their musical talent and dedication. These performers spend 7 days at the National FFA Convention site practicing hours on end and performing with students from across the county. Along with the honor, students have the responsibility of paying for transportation, lodging, meals, and a week’s worth of official dress.  The funds raised will be divided equally among SD students who participate in this year’s National Band, Chorus or Talent.  Click here to donate to this talented group.

SD FFA Foundation

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